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An author must play an important role in promoting their books. The more you are a part of promoting your book, the more successful you will become. Successful book signings, organizing media events on your own or through friends, family, and other people are vitally important. Network and tell everyone you meet about your book. You must be proud to be a published author. Print a business card with the image of your book, ISBN, and contact information on the card and distribute it to people at networking events and other gatherings, including family reunions, school reunions, and social gatherings. Organize a media event, such as a radio or television interview, or get a book review or article in a newspaper or magazine.


As the author you will maintain complete control over your publication and retain publishing rights to your work. No one is allowed to change the text after you have made it final. You are always the intellectual owner of the book. You will keep ALL the profits from book sales.


How long does it take to publish my book?
Depending on how fast you submit all necessary information and materials, you might see your book go to the printer in as little as 16-20 weeks. We will work closely with you to develop a publishing timeline that is realistic.

Who designs the Book cover?
We consider suggestions and ideas provided by authors. However, your book cover is the sales pitch for your book. The book purchaser only spends 8 seconds looking at it before deciding to purchase. We encourage our authors to use the graphic designer to come up with a cover design.

How is my book distributed?
Korloki Books authors are represented to the book trade by the industry’s leading wholesale distributors and through independent book sellers. Using leading wholesale distributors opens the door for sales to national and international booksellers, specialty retailers, and librarians. Our fulfillment house handles this aspect of the business, freeing authors from maintaining and storing book inventory, and mailing out their own books. This frees the author to focus on book signings, and time to focus on creating a market, and to sell their books.

What is an author bio?
Your bio is relevant information about your writing and publishing. Include things like previous published works, what prompted you to write a book, and other pertinent information about you. It should not be like an advertisement.

I have additional questions I need answered?
Please click the link and complete the form for additional questions or submissions, and our staff will be happy to help you. All fields are required. CONTACT US

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