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Tips for writing

Tips for Writing

Use your time to WRITE Let us do the rest for you

  • Research and Marketing
  • Proofreading
  • Tracking submission
  • Interior and Exterior design

How to become a better writer

  • Write for one person at time only
  • Stay Positive & be on track
  • True writing can change your life
  • Write as if you are eavesdropping
  • Use free writing like kids in the school
  • Switch from 1st person to third or from third to first
  • Use pictures if possible
  • Read out loud, if it sounds good to you then it is good to your readers
  • Talk the talk
  • Go through each chapter as if you must reduce it by the quarter

Use your time to WRITE Let us do the rest for you

  • The habit of awareness
  • The habit of reaching your readers
  • The habit of connecting with your readers
  • The habit of rehearsal
  • The habit of loyalty to your hero in the book
  • The habit of drafting
  • The habit of Ease with your characters
  • The habit of Revision
  • The habit of Completion
  • The habit of creating a short and conclusive paragraph

11 Big points in writing

  • Create a hero from your Book
  • Let the hero be likable
  • Let something important be at stake from the beginning
  • Let your tone be friendly
  • Limit the time you cover on a character
  • Let your writing be emotional and eventful and be chronological
  • Think of the market
  • Make it easy for the editor understands.
  • Stand up to accept constructive critiques
  • Finally do not give up.
  • Believe in yourself. You can be the best (Source